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Current design layouts for my Capstone. I received some heavy criticism for them. Especially regarding how to coax people into clicking on the people to watch the interviews. I’ve got some ideas on how to make this better though so new layouts will be coming soon.

Interviews Done!

Alright. All of the interviews are edited. All that is left is the touch ups and adding in the B-roll and that part of the project will be done. My goal is to finish these and the Flash element of my project by the end of the week. Wish me luck!

PAX Videos Done!

Phew. PAX East videos have all been edited. USF you’re up next. Once that is done it is just a matter of adding the videos to the Flash element and going from there. I see a light at the end of the tunnel. May it shine brightly on my project.

Now the Work Begins

*breath out* What a weekend. PAX East was amazing! I got a lot of great footage for my Capstone project and just saw some amazing stuff in general. Now I get to transfer all of my footage into digital format…which will take some time as the process takes as long as the amount of footage. I’ll be doing some today and finishing tomorrow. After that, I can start to put the interactive portion together in flash and see how it all fits together. This should make for a fun spring break activity.

Almost time.

I leave for PAX East on Thursday. This weekend I worked with the equipment I plan on bringing. It’s pretty easy to use and I should be able to wander around the conference with no trouble.

I also have my interview questions ready. I can’t wait to see what responses I get. I think the best thing about today is I figured out how I am going to design the interactive portion of my capstone! Design wise it is simple and looks user friendly. The coding is simple too which will give me more time for analysis and to create other features. I would like to add some flash games if possible.

The next post will have my sketches for the interactive portion.

1 Week = PAX East!!!

Ok, a week from today is the start of PAX East. I am so excited but kind of nervous too. This will be my first conference and my first video shoot by myself. It will be a great opportunity to test my skills. I have got a new point-in-shoot camera and I checked out the video camera I am going to use to test it out. The next few days are going to be preparation for PAX East. That includes making business cards and getting my portfolio ready enough to put on the web. I have some long days ahead of me, but they will be worth it.

10 days to go.

Tomorrow is March first. I have ten days to make sure I am ready for PAX East. I have already got my tickets, now I just have to make sure I have the right equipment and make a few adjustments to my interview questions and I will be ready to go!

Game Plan

Ok, here’s the plan. In March is a video game conference I plan on going to called PAX East. While I’m there, I plan on interviewing people on what it means to be a gamer. The topics I will ask about are identity (what makes a gamer), experiences (how their experiences with gaming have impacted their lives) and social ( how video gaming impacts aspects of their social lives). I will also be heading south to the University of South Florida for extra interviews.

The next few weeks will be intense with content gathering, but it will be worth it.

And I get to go to Boston for a video game conference! Can NOT wait!


So for my Master’s capstone project I decided to do a digital ethnography on gamers and what it means to be a gamer. I am currently doing research on gamers in general for now. Not really finding a lot academic wise, but I’ve got a few ideas on what to ask my future interviewees about.

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